Q.  What is the function of the Foundation?

A.  To research, promote, plan for, and assist in the creation of a four-year university (E Shore U) here on Eastern Shore of Virginia.

This will require publicity, and then fundraising in order to generate more publicity creating a virtuous circle so as to spark imaginations and the recognition of the need, advantages, possibilities, and inevitability of Shore U.  Once the university is established, it is envisioned that the Foundation will become the charitable arm of the University and support the University’s programs.

Q. Why do we need a four-year university on the Eastern Shore of Virginia?

A. Economic, social, cultural development, enhanced prestige, and accessibility for Shore families with no prior experience of Baccalaureate-level education.  

E Shore U’s students will bring an influx of new revenue and certainly some would stay here after graduation, become part of our community, work locally, raise families, and start businesses.  We will end up creating Silicon Shore!

Q.  How will this affect our Community College (and its Workforce Development Center)?

A.  We’ll still need it; it does good work. 

Not everyone is suited to a 4-year degree. Transfer options from ESCC to E Shore U would be possible.

Q.  The Community College is having trouble maintaining its student headcount. Why would a four-year university do better?

A.  E Shore U would attract students from other counties, states, and countries.

The Community College is losing students because of shrinking population on ESVA and a falling unemployment rate. And those students come only from our two Eastern Shore counties.

Q.  What has the Foundation done so far?

A.  We now have a non-profit Virginia Foundation qualified as a Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

To get to this point, with donations from a small number of individuals, we needed and obtained a Federal EIN (tax number), a local bank account, officers, and bylaws.  

Q. What courses would be offered?

A. Science, technology, engineering, math, and health.

We have NASA Wallops Flight Facilities and Space Port and extensive shipbuilding but there is no focused, heavy-duty engineering school on Hampton Roads. There is also recognition by the political class of a need for more STEM-H to spur economic development. Related course offerings could include Human Factors Design, Engineering History Perspective, and Management and Marketing.

Q.  Has this been done before?

A.  Yes.

There are over twenty four-year universities in small towns across Virginia.

Q.  Is there a model we could follow?

A.  Yes.  An especially instructive model is that of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, a Liberal Arts school.

Q.  Tell me more!

A.  UVA-Wise has 2000+ students.

The College has the same accreditations as UVA, and is applying for accreditation to offer Masters degrees.  From humble beginnings a few tens of years ago it now has 100+ faculty, 30+ programs, an arena, sports teams & ROTC!

Q.  How will we attract students and faculty?

A.  The same way as UVA-Wise: the right courses and student services, and the unique attractions of the Shore.  (“You’ll Love our Nature!”)

Q.  If the model of UVA-Wise is to be followed, is there an equivalent STEM-H model for Shore U?

A.  The obvious and attractive answer is Virginia Tech.  

Or we could invite out-of-state institutions such as MIT.  Or, maybe, even the University of Science and Technology of China.

Q.  What about funding?  

A.  UVA-Wise began in the 1950s with a grant from the Commonwealth of $10k.  

Local citizens donated more. Buildings and land were donated. Professors were recruited. All universities start small!  Please DONATE TODAY.  It’s tax-deductible! Contact us for special situations.


"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."