E Shore U

Dear partners & contributors,

Just a note before Judy & I disappear to Florida for February:

At the risk of repetition:

We have a website: www.EShoreU.org.

*** I have put in a minimal entry & after the initial free month I have signed up for a year of basic service.  The host, “GoDaddy””, is bugging me to spend more.

*** I have applied for a 501(c)(3) corporation through “LegalZoom”:

“The University of the Eastern Shore Foundation.“

“Founded to research and promote a 4 year college on ESVA.”

All this is new to me.

The process seems to be progressing through the governmental mills. 

The Feds have to issue an EIN, & who knows what else,  and wanted 2 more Directors (thanks to Kris & Kathy for stepping forward!).

The VA weenies were fussed about a PO Box for the Registered Agent (me).  (I finessed that, a rural skill) We need a VA license and a VA number.

So, some more weeks will pass.  In March I hope we can get together & plan.  A lunch, maybe at Bizzotto’s?  Maybe we’ll do the Officer thing?

I, personally, am low-keying the idea until we have the Foundation sorted and have agreed on a plan.

But if you find someone keen to help, by all means reel them in.  And ask for $$.  Not that I need the money, but affirmation is important.  And money talks.  We don’t yet have a bank account or a treasurer, so checks to me.

On that note, I am keeping a ledger which I will be happy to share at out luncheon.

More on that note, our contributions cover expenditures, with a small cushion.  Heartfelt thanks for your faith.


Terry Malarkey

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