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University of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Foundation

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University of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Foundation has been founded to research and promote a residential university on the Eastern Shore.


An idea was born...

How it Began


which turned into a letter....


December, 2017

An open letter to our elected representatives at Richmond:

Why don’t we have a university on the Eastern Shore?

Before you say we are too small, understand that there are dozens of accredited schools, some large, in small towns all across Virginia.

Of particular interest is “The University of Virginia’s College at Wise”.  Yes, Wise. In Wise County; Out West. This is a baccalaureate-level public university with an enrollment of 2,000+ in a rural area.  Learn more here

Why there and not here?  (Maybe they had more effective elected representatives in the 1970s?)

Such an institution would be tremendous boost to the Shore:  well-paid jobs, new blood, enhanced cultural activities, rising real estate values, spin-off businesses, with an influx of people and money from Virginia, and other states and countries.

My own pick would be “Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University at Onancock”. Or “Shore - Tech”.  This would bring an influx of STEM graduates for Wallops and spin-off businesses. Silicon Shore! We can dream!

If Wise can, why not us?

Terry Malarkey

Wise’s Point, South Chesconessex


Where do we go from here?

Next Steps



This project needs publicity, and then fundraising in order to generate more publicity creating a virtuous circle so as to spark imaginations and the recognition of the need, advantages, possibilities, and inevitability of E Shore U.

Once the university is established, it is envisioned that the Foundation will become the charitable arm of the University and support the University’s programs.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

— Mark Twain